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Episode #46 - Macbook Pro Toast
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:53:16 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #46 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.

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ATIís Next Generation Cards Land Later this year 4:02
Although ATI is still really leading the market, they are planning on keeping ahead of the game.  They will be mainly doing a die shrink and a refresh of their existing 5000 series.  This will probably just make more confusion for consumers, but hopefully things improve in performance and efficiency.

Doom for the ZuneHD 7:43
Although the Zune HD is a great media player, it will never begin to touch the following of the iPod touch.  This is largely in part of the Apple brand, but has to do with third-party development as well.  Hopefully people adopt this software development kit and a lot of apps hit the backstage of the Zune forums.

Nintendo 3DS Available in October 12:12
Nintendo is working on a 3D version of the NDS and this was scheduled to be released ďbefore March 2011Ē.  It seems that they are way ahead of schedule and this may be available as early as October, but Iím not sold on a 3D screen for such a little device.
iPad vs. Netbook Hybrid 15:40
People are big on the iPad and HotHardware has a look and see if the iPad can replace the Netbook/Tablet from Lenovo.  It seems like an unfair comparison, but the question is do you need a full OS is a gutless machine?  The iPad wonít replace a full notebook, but it could replace a netbook.

Dell Streak Rumors Abound 19:19
Engadget has some details regarding the upcoming Dell Streak as well as the 7Ē version.  This looks like a high-quality Android 2.1 based MID that may actually be some interesting competition on a different level.  Weíll have to see if the big name of Dell can make this popular.

Blizzard Kicks 320,000 cheaters 24:00
Blizzard has kicked 320,000 cheaters from and this could equate to 4.8 Million in lost revenue if these people donít come back.  Iím assuming that most of them will grab another account and start cheating all over again.  The last big ban happened in 2008 and you can farm/sell a lot of gold in that time.

Hulu Pushes Forward with $9.95 Subscription Service 32:41
It looks like Hulu is going with their subscription based service and it appears that it may give you access to older episodes of your favorite shows.  They will still have their free version, but it will have longer commercials and be more limited.  I donít think I could drop my cable/satellite package and replace it with Hulu and this just adds another $10 bill to my life.

DRM Sucks With Avatar 38:50
Once again the honest consumer gets burned with DRM as Avatar doesnít play on a lot of Blu-Ray players.  I bought the movie as well, and although it plays on my Samsung player, it is laggy getting started and has menu issues.  It sucks that the pirated version works better.

Macbook Pro Gets Hooooooooot!!! 44:00
Apple may have the latest sandwich maker on their hands with their the new Core i7 620M CPU. I have the same CPU in my Thinkpad T410 and under the same circumstances it manages to hit a toasty 78įC.  That is hot, but much cooler than the 100įC of the Macbook Pro.  Thatís right people, you can actually boil water on your Macbook.  The funny thing is that they have it laying on its side in order to keep it cool enough to complete benchmarks.  Thatís a load of horse crap and Apple should get a nice fat class-action filed against them for selling hardware that canít run out of the box.  For a $2400 machine it should run cool enough to be stable.  Also keep in mind that the external temperature of these machines doesnít get that hot Ė that is CPU core temperature.  The outside gets hot, but not that hot.  The price of the Macbook Pro configured to match my T410 is $3085

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