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Episode #56 - Apple & Kin = FAIL
« on: July 05, 2010, 10:30:56 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #56 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Apple “Stunned” to find iPhones show too many bars 2:09
I don’t think this was a “stunner”.  I think it was a cover up for trying to make their phones look better.  If you don’t believe me, well, they have a fix.

Apple figures out flaw in iPhone, fix coming 6:15
The fix in reference is not the antennae which probably can’t be fixed through software, it is in regards to the phone showing more bars than it is actually getting and has been getting since the original iPhone.  Doh!

Antenna Engineers needed at Apple 6:56
Although there is nothing wrong with the antennae in the iPhone, Apple has still posted up a job opportunity for an antennae engineer.  Maybe they are trying to enhance the “feature” of the bad antennae.

This is just here cause I love it. 13:13

Nokia mocks Apple iPhone 4 antenna problems 15:37
Because it’s always fun to kick a company when they’re down, Nokia pulls out an advertising campaign where they mock Apple by holding their phones any way they darn well feel like it.

How much does the iPhone 4 actually cost? 16:58
Just in case you’re wondering how much money the $700 replacement cost of the iPhone 4 should be, Information Week has torn it asunder and discovered that it actually costs under $200 to make.  A solid $500 to Apple for every one sold.  NICE!  Now you can afford to be sued… again…

Microsoft’s Kin Phone is dead 19:50
Since J Allard has left Microsoft, several of the projects he was spearheading are dead.  First was the Courier, and now the Kin phone.  I’ve got to say, they were butt ugly, but here’s hoping that Windows Phone 7 (WinMo7) is still alive and kicking.  I still want me a ZunePhone one day!!!

Extend your Android’s battery life 24:30
If you don’t mind your Android phone looking like a HUD from an old sci-fi movie back in the 80’s, you can extend the battery live by as much as 42% if you turn the screen several shades of red.  I’m sure that this isn’t practical, but it is interesting to see how much power all of the colors take.  There’s got to be a cool use for this somewhere.  Maybe on the next iPhone!

Steve Jobs says no to Blu-ray 28:32
Steve hates Flash and Steve hates Blu-Ray and has once again said no as to adding it as a feature on new Mac computers.  It’s not much of a surprise I guess, but with bandwidth being limited in so many areas, expecting people to ingest HD content from the web only is kind of discriminative – Apple’esq

Alienware M11x portable gaming laptop 33:00
Alienware upgrades their 11.6” gaming laptop and now makes it a true gaming machine complete with a Core i7 CPU and more.  Anandtech merely has a first look, but it will be interesting to keep watching this product develop and rock the gaming world – and it can fit in the pocket of your baggy jeans!

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