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Episode #60 - Valve Goofs and Makes Good
« on: August 02, 2010, 08:12:34 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #60 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
This episode of Weekly Tech Update is brought to you by CoolIT Systems.

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Kindle drops price on Kindle
Good news for those of you that have been holding off on eBook readers – Amazon has released a new Kindle and dropped the price $20 lower than the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Take a look and get you some eReading stuffs!

$150 Dollar Android Tablet 7:40
If you are a Kmart shopper, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for the Augen GenTouch78 Android Tablet that is set to go on sale any moment.  I tried to find one of these recently, but they didn’t have any in stock in every location I tried.  It’s not the most powerful, but at $150 – it actually has some extra hardware features not found on the iPad.

Motorola: Droid X = No Jacket Required 13:40
Even though the iPhone 4 looks pretty cool, Motorola is making sure that you know that you don’t need a “jacket” for your Droid X phone.  It’s always fun to laugh at Apple’s expense – especially since they have recently pulled the competitor antenna “tests” (12:45) from their site and Youtube.

HTC releasing Android 2.2 + 720p Video & iTunes on Desire 19:52
I guess we can all eagerly await 720p video capture and iTunes sync to our favorite HTC Desire over in Europe this coming week.  If you’ve got it already it would be great to see iTunes sync in action.  Here’s hoping they bring this feature to other Android devices.

Google Introduces New DRM for Android Marketplace 25:50
I really hope that the new Android DRM for the Marketplace will not affect programs at each launch and that the software checks in one a month at the most.  If developers start requiring DRM checks each time an app loads, it will be the super suck of Android.  Google has to do something, but I don’t think this is the answer.

Valve Apologizes for Accidental Deletions 29:34
Due to some file mis-match, Valve automatically banned over 12,000 steam accounts over the past two weeks by mistake and has since said sorry.  Sorry by unbanning the affected account and giving away a copy of Left for Dead 2 to you and one copy for your buddy.  Sounds like a great way to keep good PR flowing.  Anyhow else listening?  Speaking of gaming, there are some great gaming facts over at CreditScore (33:25) of all places.

0% of people would play for Twitter 37:25
Apparently we all love twitter – just not enough to actually pay anything for it.  Although 70% of people find online ads annoying, we’ll put up with them instead of paying money.  It looks like Twitter is just another example of people wanting everything for nothing.

Bill Consoles Steve About Jailbreaking
It’s true and true stuff is funny.

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