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Episode #63 - Intel and McAfee Making Babies!
« on: August 24, 2010, 06:52:26 AM »
We have just posted up Episode #63 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Intel to Buy McAfee for 7.7 Billion 2:30
It doesn’t seem all that logical why a CPU/Chipset company would spend that kind of money on an anti-virus software company, but it was probably an impulse buy from their “petty cash” drawer.  ARSTechnica has more info on why over here.

Google unveils Google Voice Actions 9:50
What makes Google and your phone better than an Android phone already is?  Google voice actions that let you do 12 things with just your voice.  It works as good as the skeptics claim and this allows you to do the following:
•   send text to [contact] [message]
•   listen to [artist/song/album]
•   call [business]
•   call [contact]
•   send email to [contact] [message]
•   go to [website]
•   note to self [note]
•   navigate to [location/business name]
•   directions to [location/business name]
•   map of [location]

Voice recognition is pretty good, but “Navigate to Nanton Alberta” somehow came out as, “Navigate to V***nal Birth”. whoops

Flash 10.1 on Android Isn’t The Best 15:40
When you’re the only mobile platform that supports the desktop version of flash, you stand out.  I admit that flash on Android isn’t perfect, but I’ve never seen pages crash – I’ve seen sluggish video performance however.  On an iPhone, you see nothing.  I’d prefer to see a little something, something.  Still, there is certainly room for improvement.

Xbox live for Windows Phone 7 19:30
While Xbox Live on your phone is not a deal-breaker, the ability it has to integrate with the full console experience looks pretty cool.  If you’re an Xbox junkie and have several hundred extra dollars laying around to get a new phone, maybe Windows Phone 7 will be a great choice.  Still, I like my Android – although Xbox Live would be cool too… decisions, decisions…

Google Chrome Marketplace 23:00
Google is a company that is known to give away stuff for free, and now they have a business plan to make their Chrome browser profitable and gain market share by charging developers $5 in order to submit an extension/application to the Chrome Marketplace.  The minimum price for an extension/application will cost you $1.99.  I don’t think I’ll bite.

Gamestop says Online pass isn’t affecting business 34:19
EA and THQ have discovered a way to extort more money out of people by making second owners of a game unable to play online unless they pay extra money for the “Online Pass.”  While I thought that this may hurt used game sales, Gamestop says it doesn’t as only 25% of people that buy used games intend to play online.  I don’t argue with the percent, but it would still suck to have to pay for a used game twice.  This better reflect the price of the used game and it should be cheaper…

Top 50 Technological Inventions of the past 25 years 39:50
While some of this list looks to be grasping at straws, you can’t argue that the internet pretty much tops out most tech inventions.  Smartphones are on the list as is hybrid cars, text messaging and more.  Take a look and see if everything you know and love is on the list.

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