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Episode #87 - AT&T Is The Biggest Loser
« on: January 17, 2011, 10:35:51 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #87 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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CES 2011 Was the Biggest in 3 Years 1:30
We talk about CES 2011 in a recap and what made it the biggest show in 3 years.  I believe that some of this was due to public registration, but as the economy is starting to turn around, things are picking up for sure.  Unfortunately, innovation was sorely lacking this year still some good stuff over here in our CES 2011 Coverage.

Verizon iPhone 4 available February 10th 2011 22:00
It will be interesting to see how Verizon can cope with the massive assault of data on their network once the iPhone 4 lands.  Also, keep in mind that this will end up being a North American-only phone as it uses EVDO technology and wont support Global roaming.  We should finally find out once and for all if it is Apple or AT&Ts fault!

16% of AT&T Customers Plan to Switch to Verizon 23:32
The headline may be a bit misleading as it looks like the 16% will be mostly iPhone users.  Still, this will put a greater load on Verizon and lighten the load on AT&T.  Also, another 24% of AT&T users are undecided.  It may be a great time to buy Verizon stock.

Sony PS3 Gets Hacked, Sony Decides to Sue 28:21
There have been a few good hacks for the PlayStation 3, but the latest one has Sony stumped.  They cant patch it at least not quickly so instead of trying to fix it they are suing the group responsible.  Im sure that wont end well for anyone.

Wii Edges Xbox 360 in Sales in 2011 35:12
Although the Wii is still the least powerful console on the market, it managed to outsell the Xbox 360 once again this year.  There is no word from Sony on how they did, but Im guessing that it isnt good news if they are not bragging.  The Kinect did well, but the overall console king goes to Nintendo again.

The Decay of MySpace 36:04
All social networks run their course and have a limited lifespan.  MySpace is a perfect example of this as they are already dead and have started to decay although some people just dont get it yet.  Recently, they fired almost half of their employees and that is never a good thing.  With 500 gone, there are a mere 600 left to hold down MySpace Im sure more will soon be joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Cityville hits 100 Million users 39:13
When CityVille reached 60 Million users a couple of weeks ago, it was the largest game ever played in the history of the technology and gaming.  Since then it has climbed to a mind-boggling 100 Million users.  This makes history and Zynga is really, really happy right about now.  Do you CityVille?

OCZ exiting the DRAM market 42:25
Of course.  Just after receiving a 4GB kit of DDR3-2133 from OCZ, they announce they are exiting the DRAM market and focusing on SSDs.  We saw a lot of their SSD products at CES and it is no surprise they are going this way instead of DRAM.  They have a lot of strength in the SSD market and by focusing on this segment, Im sure they will be one of the names we talk a lot about in 2011.

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