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We have just posted up Episode #90 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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VulcLAN 2011 Announced – Registration Open!

Sony is Attempting to Sue Pretty Much Everyone 2:45
Here’s the deal.  I don’t hate Sony personally, but I hate what they are doing and how closed their platform is.  With the recent patch to the PS3 (and subsequent crack), they have tried to step things up and are putting pressure on Google to release IPs and names of those who have not only posted video of How-To Crack the PS3 – but also everyone who views and/or comments.  That is probably most of the internet.  Dang.

Did Sony Add a Rootkit to the PS3? 9:27
Not only is Sony wanting to sue people, there is suspicions that they have added a full-fledged rootkit to the PS3 – making it possible for them to do pretty much anything they want – including viewing contents, bricking, kill switch and more.  They tried to do this back in 2005 with music CDs.  It didn’t end so well for them.

Google Considers Bing a Serious Threat 13:31
There are a lot of people who haven’t used Bing and some who don’t even know what it is, but Google still considers it a serious threat.  It is of course a search engine and when 1% of search is valued at almost a Billion ($1,000,000,000) – having 12% of search belonging to Bing (and growing) – it is a serious threat.

Verizon iPhone 4 Sets Sales Records 21:30
There is no question that the iPhone 4 is still a hot device.  Android phones are very popular, but when Verizon got the iPhone 4 - it broke sales records by 5:00am the day of launch.  That is impressive for sure – and I wonder how this will affect Android sales on the Verizon network – or if the iPhone 4 sales were AT&T customers switching over.

LG Shows Off Glasses-Free 3D Anrdoid Phone 27:40
The iPhone 4 is classy.  Android has some great phones and in terms of features, there is nothing that can match the cool of Android devices.  LG has a dual-core Android phone coming as well as the new Glasses-free 3D Android phone.  I wouldn’t buy one, but how cool is that – pictures and phone functions in 3D…  Apple – you got some work to do.

Steve Wozniak (Apple Founder) thinks Apple should relax some more.

The Key to Android Tablets Success Is…Price 35:45
PCMag posted a poll as to why users thought the Android Tablet was successful.  Poll options included: Better Hardware, Honeycomb OS (Android 3.0), Apps, Price and more.  Price won with a 41% vote.  That says something about expensive $600+ tablets and shows why the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab aren’t doing all that well.

Best Buy Offers new “Future Proof” Option 39:08
Best Buy has just found a way to get more money out of customers.  They sell you the “Latest Gadgets” and then tell you that it will be outdated within a year.  This creates a desire to stay current and they say that for $70 – you can stay current every year.  They will “buy back” your old device at “up to 50% off” and give you credit towards new hardware.  If you do the math on this – you are getting screwed, but it sounds like a good sales pitch… if you need to buy some sand in Arizona.

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