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We have just posted up Episode #94 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.

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Bing Daily Deals comes to Bing, With a Glitch
Online coupon sites like LivingSocial  and Groupon  have become a huge hit and Microsoft wants to get in on the deal with their new “Bing Daily Deals”.  There is a problem though – it doesn’t work on the Windows Phone 7 platform – their own platform that they are trying to push hard.  Whoops.

Boxee gets $16.5 Million in Funding
The Boxee Box was originally made by D-Link and was supposed to ship with a NVIDIA Tegra processor.  It ended up being a mini-Nettop and Boxee is now in the development of their 2.0 product and has acquired a bunch of funding to make it happen.  Keep in mind that Boxee is merely software  – the hardware is up to other companies – including you.

No Windows 8 Tablet OS until 2012
Microsoft has a habit of being late to every major platform and then playing catch-up in order to stay in the market.  Tablets are no exception.  Windows 7 works alright, but the Windows 8 System-on-a-Chip solution they demo’d at CES 2011 looks pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, this won’t be available until 2012 at some point… maybe.

Amazon Appstore for Android
There are a few ideas that always make money.  One of them is commission – especially on software – it works well.  Amazon sees the profit to be hand from the Google Marketplace and Apple’s own App store so they are getting into it for the Android platform as well.  I don’t see this being all that popular, but if you can save a couple bucks, I guess why not.

Western Digital to buy Hitachi
Western Digital has decided to spend a little over $4 Billion and buy up Hitachi’s Hard Drive division.  I’m not sure if they wanted some technology from these guys or they didn’t want competition.  Seagate bought Maxtor, and now Western Digital buys Hitachi meaning there are only two left standing – and this isn’t good for consumers.  Less competition is always a bad thing.

How to Backup Gmail, the Easy & Cheap Way
After the recent 0.02% of Gmail users that had a bunch of mail deleted, it has spurred a lot people to look at ways to back up this mail that is held up there in the cloud.  I use Gmail for backup of my local mail so I think I’m alright as I already have a copy.  Still, for those that use Gmail 100% exclusively, this is a good idea.

US Smartphone Market Share
Engadget (via Neilsen) shows US Smartphone market share and it is currently a tie for second place.  Blackberry has slid while Apple has continued to grow.  The big news is that Android actually edges both of these companies out by 2% and is currently the leader of the pack.  This shows no signs of stopping as Android has a lot of hardware prowess behind it.

Angry Birds to Land on Facebook Next Month
I’m sure that Angry Birds on Facebook will be a huge hit.  It has dominated every platform it has landed on already and the desktop via Facebook will be no different I’m sure.  I’m not sure how social they will make it, but regardless, they’ll find ways to monetize the heck out of it I’m sure.

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