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We have just posted up Episode #95 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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VulcLAN 2011 This WEEKEND!

Samsung still makes hard drives, even though we forgot about them last week

Microsoft Kills Zune Hardware
One of the factors that become very hard to deal with when you’re tardy to the party is competition.  Microsoft was very late to the media-player game with the Zune – and even later with a music store (Zune Marketplace).  The result is that the hardware is dead – but the software will live on and will be available on PC, Xbox and Windows Phone 7 for starters.  Long Live Zune Marketplace. R.I.P. Zune Hardware.

Microsoft Moves Toward IPTV
Let’s honestly hope that Microsoft isn’t too late to this game as well.  With the Xbox being a very popular piece of hardware – especially with the Kinnect selling over 10 Million units (read more below), they want to make it even more useful with their Mediaroom, IPTV and the Kinnect.  It looks good to me and may make up for the loss of their media player division.

AT&T Intoduces Bandwidth Caps
AT&T has tightened the proverbial belts on their internet pipes and will be giving notices later this week about a bandwidth cap limit of 150GB/Month to be enforced at the beginning of May.  Overages will be $10 for every 50GB over.  Two packages will be available – the small 150GB as well as the U-Verse 250GB package.  Overages are the same for each package.

Xbox Kinect Hits 10 Million Sales Mark
If you wanted to define success with a number, 10 Million is a pretty good number.  That’s how many Kinects Microsoft has sold in the last few months – making it the hottest selling piece of consumer electronics – ever.  Good job on pulling in $1.5 Billion in sales from a single device.

iPad 2 Reviewed/Unrleased
The iPad 2 is up for pre-order and it looks like it’s going to be a hot selling item as well.  A few weeks ago we said that we didn’t need an actual refresh to make it sell well, but they did a few things – including slimmed down, faster, and well, that’s about it.  Oh! And a camera for facetime… only on WiFi.  Still, it looks like a nice refresh.

iPad 2 Jailbroken – Not Yet Released
It looks like the developer community has found another exploit and managed to jailbreak the iPad 2 before it is officially released.  If they can run Windows on this, then I’ll be really interested.  Until then, it’s still a stripped down Apple product.  Still, it’s funny that it is broken before release.  If this keeps up, Steve won’t allow 3rd party Apps.

New Sony 3.60 Firmware is Secure
Sony’s PS3 has long been a target for the adventurous hacker who want it to do more than the Japan Giant allows.  Up until now, all firmware has been easily exploited and hacked but the 3.60 looks to be pretty solid.  I’ll give it another week.  Maybe hackers are just starting to get scared.

pwn2own – Safari and Internet Explorer 8 fall. Chrome Doesn’t
For the third straight year, Chrome is the only browser that has survived pwn2own – a conference where hackers try and demonstrate weaknesses and flaws in operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.  Chrome has once again survived and their $20,000 is safe again.  Makes you think twice about firing up IE8 now doesn’t it?

Amazon Android App Store gets Exclusive Version of Angry Birds
Last week we talked about Amazon getting their own App store for Android and I raised the question as to why people would switch.  Jason figured lower prices would do it, but Amazon is banking on that plus an exclusive version of Angry Birds.  Both will probably do just nicely.  I know Jason will be buying at least one App from Amazon.

Android More Profitable to Program for then iOS Claims Developer
Google takes less of a cut from retail applications that sell in its marketplace.  That alone gives developers more money per sale in their pocket.  Another, less obvious factor is that there are fewer competing apps and this means you’ll probably get more exposure and downloads if you’re competing against three people instead of 300.  Simple math and it works for developers.

Amazon to Produce iPad 2 Challenger?
If anyone was in position to challenge the iPad 2, it would be Amazon.  They are rolling out an App Store.  They already have a huge library and a lot of people own the Kindle.  They have the power and the national reach to make this happen.  Although Android is popular, the diverse type of devices give it some fragmentation and if Amazon had their own device, it could be a powerful contender.

Apple to sell White iPhone
In an amazing move of marketing strategy, Apple could be positioning itself to do the unthinkable – release a phone that is a different color.  This white iPhone 4 will be totally new and amazing and will change everything again – for the second time, or third or whatever.  You get the (non)idea though right?!

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