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We have just posted up Episode #96 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.

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Kevin Rose Resigns from Digg 12:40
You can’t feel too bad for Kevin Rose from as he recently stepped down from his leading role and is now just on the board of directors of this social news website.  It is reported that he turned down an offer from Google for $80 Million before they did the redesign that killed the site.  It was failing for a while as you can read over at Mashable from back in September 2010. did set a standard and create a genre of news gathering, expectation on and content delivery that has changed the internet.  They’ve done a lot of good, but it’s on the way out.

Microsoft Responsible for Shutting Down World’s Largest Spam Network 23:16
Microsoft is responsible for shutting down the world’s largest SPAM network that send about 240 Billion messages per day.  They filed suit against Rustock and have forced them to shut down – stopping 39% of worldwide spam email in the process.  That is a huge win for everyone who uses the internet and Microsoft should be nominated for a Nobel prize.

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion 26:45
AT&T has been saving their early termination fees and has managed to scrape together $25 Billion in cash and offered $14 Billion (8%) of their stock to T-Mobile in order to merge and become USA’s largest carrier.  The downside is that almost everyone loses – according to Gigaom.

What if Amazon Released an Android Kindle Tablet? 33:40
Amazon has a lot of brand recognition and credibility in the retail and media market.  They have recently announced the Amazon Android App Market and if they follow up with their own Android Tablet/Kindle, it could be a huge success.  In fact, they could be the company to put Apple in its place when it comes to Tablets/eBook Readers.

E-Book Sales More Than Double in 2011 Already 40:18
eBook sales are up – paper use is down and this is good news for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iTunes Bookstore (iBooks have sold over 100,000,000 copies already).  This isn’t surprising that the number is up as a lot of tablets and eBook readers were gifted at Christmas.  This makes for a great start for downloadable books in 2011.

Netflix Locks Down House of Cards Exclusive for Late 2012 46:26
House of Cards will stream exclusively on Netflix late next year and will show that Netflix offers something that Hulu and Network TV don’t… Premium content without ads or commercials.  That being said, Hulu Plus does the same thing, but Netflix has got exclusive rights to this show.  If they keep up this attitude, they may get enough shows for some people to cancel their cable.  Who knows, but it’s a start in the right direction.

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