Author Topic: [Frontpage News]New iPad  (Read 1676 times)

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[Frontpage News]New iPad
« on: March 08, 2012, 11:32:51 AM »

Yes its true, the iPad 3 is here, but its not called the iPad 3, its just called "iPad". Apple has decided to ditch the numbers following the iPad name and is just referring to this as the new iPad (which might make things confusing down the road). The new iPad has some improvements that no doubt will get Apple fans to start lining up to get their hands on the news iPad model. Gizmodo has the ful. . .

I'm not psychic but I have a feeling the new iPad release might be a topic of conversation on Weekly Tech Update #150.

What is everyone's thoughts on the new iPad? Are the specs enough to get you to pre-order one? Is the price too steep? Which model strikes your fancy?

So many questions.......