Author Topic: LAN Party Lite V2 "Retro Nights" BYOC LAN Party - May 12-13 - Calgary AB  (Read 1765 times)

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Project X introduces LAN Party Lite events!

LAN Party Lite v2: Retro Nights!

LAN Party Lite v2 is a casual, fun event intended to satisfy your appetite for LAN gaming on a regular basis. It will be a great way to meet new friends and frag old ones!

Retro Nights is a throwback the the LAN parties of old! It will focus on classic FPS & RTS games such as UT, Brood War & Tribes! Our official tournaments will be League of Legends, StarCraft Brood War & Unreal Tournament!

Come down and join us for another 30h of gaming for only $20!
Project X: Building a Strong Calgary Gaming Community - One event at a time!
Event Schedule:

10AM: Event begins/doors open

12PM: LoL Tournament Registration
1PM: LoL Tournament Begins
6PM (Estimate): LoL Tournament Ends. Prizes awarded.

8PM: UT Free-For-All (Singles & Teams)

9AM: StarCraft Brood War Tournament Registration
10AM: StarCraft Brood War Tournament Begins
4PM (Estimate): StarCraft Brood War Tournament Ends. Prizes awarded.

4PM: Event ends
Official Tournaments:

StarCraft Brood War (1v1)
Max 32 Players.

League of Legends (5v5)
Max 8 Teams (40 Players).

Unreal Tournament [GOTY or 2004] (FFA)
Free for All.

We will be playing a series of fun & competitive games!

Serious Sam
Street Fighter (Classic)
StarCraft Brood War
Team Fortress Classic
Unreal Tournament (Classic & 2K4!)

...And Tons of fun extras!

To get some of these classic titles, be sure to check out and Steam!
On-site Concession:

Project X brings together two of the most amazing things around: PC LAN Gaming & Fresh, home-cooked food! It is hard to know which is best, and that is why we do not make you choose!!

The Concession will be serving a selection of freshly cooked & professionally prepared snacks & foods at very reasonable prices, so be sure to bring your appetite!
Be sure to chat about the event in the forums!

Southwood Community Centre
11 Sackville Dr SW
T2W 0W3 Calgary
Map & Directions

Project X is a Calgary LAN party event group based in Calgary.

We have an amazing 2012 event lineup filled with Tournaments,competitions & much more! Check out