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Samsung Chromebook
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:00:18 AM »
Samsung had announced their new Chromebook which is obviously running the Google Chrome OS. We've seen a few Chromebooks before but this is the first one from Samsung and this one sports a $249 dollar price tag. With the lower price tag it isn't too surprising that the hardware powering this machine are slower than other notebooks, but CNET takes a look at the Samsung Chromebook and is overall pretty impressed.

   After using the new Samsung Chromebook for the better part of a workday, I have to say I'm impressed -- at least, considering the constraints of its $249 price tag.   Google announced the Samsung Chromebook today along with new ambitions to spread its browser-based, cloud-focused Chrome OS laptop much more widely. Google envisions it as being good as an extra machine that lies around the house or as a laptop for students.

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