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Samsung ATIV 500T Smart PC
« on: May 27, 2013, 06:01:25 AM »
Samsung ATIV 500T Smart PC

We have just posted our review of the Samsung ATIV 500T Smart PC.  This is a Windows 8 tablet that docks with a keyboard offering you great flexibility at an affordable price.  The ATIV 500T is powered by an Intel Atom processor, so it's not a powerhouse, but it can easily replace an entry-level laptop and give you a lot of great tablet features - all while coming in at about the same price as a Microsoft Surface RT - and this is full Windows.  Please check out our review for all the details.

I was pretty happy with the dock that comes with the ATIV 500T. The keyboard is comparable to other Samsung laptops and has a nice feel to it. The dock feels solid and the latch that holds the tablet into the dock seems like it is decent enough to take a little abuse (I would obviously recommend against dropping the entire unit if possible). Once docked, the entire assembly functions just like a laptop and hinges closed like a regular laptop would.

Please post your thoughts, comments and questions right here.
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