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The Wonder Shaper
« on: January 21, 2003, 05:17:49 AM »
Do you share a highspeed Inet connection with other people?  Are you tired when their Kazaa downloads cause your ping to spike in UT2003?  Have you ever had the burning desire to unplug your roomate's ethernet cable from the switch?  Well if you said yes here is something that could work wonders for your household.  Called the wondershaper, this a script for iproute2 that will assign priorities to the traffic that goes in and out of your house.

It will assign a lower priority to bulk traffic such as http and ftp and higher priorities to interactive traffic such as games that require fast packet transfer.  I use this on my linux server to make sure that the http downloads from this forum do not spike my pings.  In order to use this you need to have a linux system with a 2.4 kernel or higher, iproute2, ip, and tc installed.  Redhat 8.0 makes this quite painless as it already has these utilities intsalled by default.  I would recomment this to anyone out there that has to share a line for whatever reason.
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