Author Topic: AMD announces R7 and R9 Video Cards  (Read 2160 times)

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AMD announces R7 and R9 Video Cards
« on: September 26, 2013, 09:30:15 AM »
AMD has announced their new lineup of video cards this week, the R7 and R9 series. Normally companies release one product at a time but AMD has gone for the shotgun approach and announced both their high-end and lower-end cards at the same time. The R7 cards will be aimed at the value consumer and will start around $89 USD. The R9 cards will be the higher end cards and start at $199 USD and go up from there (pricing for the R9 290X is still unknown). There are still more details that haven't been released, but it looks like AMD should once again have a pretty good lineup of cards and might be worth waiting for (both the R7 and R9 will be released in 2014). Anandtech has more details.

   At AMD’s 2014 GPU Product Showcase, AMD has just announced their upcoming next generation product lineup. In an unusual move they’re announcing a complete top-to-bottom of products at all once, rather than announcing products piecemeal as they’re ready for launch.   The upcoming generation of products will be branded R7 and R9. R7 will be AMD’s lower-end mainstream parts, while R9 will be for their higher-end enthusiast parts.

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