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HardwareHeaven System Reviews
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:02:26 PM »
HardwareHeaven has been very busy lately and they have three new computer system reviews. The first of these is the Eurocom Panther 5D Performance Laptop and this sweet number even includes 3D glasses. I know, I know, no one really cares about 3D - especially as you bring your game on the road. Still that means there is at least a 120Hz panel in this machine. What's more, the panel is powered by SLI video cards and a crazy Xeon processor. It's a workstation and gaming beast. Also, the thing is just a plain-old beast.

   As is common Eurocom use a brushed metal effect lid on their Panther 5D and place their logo in the centre cut into a strip. In terms of dimensions the system is 419 x 286 x 62.1mm WxDxH (16.76 x 11.44 x 2.48 inches), weighing 5.5KG. 

Moving on to something that is probably just as portable and has a larger screen, they take a look at the MSI All-in-One Gaming PC (AG2712A) and see how well it performs. This is one of those iMac-esque systems that is basically just a screen with your entire PC inside. This 27-inch screen/PC has a full 1080p resolution and a few connectivity options that allow you to plug into your network, HDMI-In & HDMI-Out as well as VGA, USB 3.0 and more. It's not for everyone for sure, but it seems like it could actually work well for a lot of people.

   The back of the system has a large, transparent stand which allows us to angle our display as we wish and there are also four screw holes for wall mounting. Various vents can also be seen and then towards the right is a connectivity panel. Starting on the left of this panel we find HDMI in and out along with our TV aerial in. 

Lastly, they look at the UKGC Minos Extreme Mini Gaming PC. This little Small Form Factor system is big on performance even though it takes up less space than your toaster. It comes equipped with an overclocked Core i7 CPU and crams in some crazy GTX 780 Ti graphics. If you want something that's just ridiculous for gaming and is easy to pack in your suitcase, this is it. It also probably weighs less that the Eurocom "Laptop" above.


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