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Steam Statistics
« on: April 17, 2014, 06:11:55 AM »
Arstechnica has come out with a very interesting article which gives you more statistics about Steam than you ever thought possible. Want to know what the most popular game is? Want to know how many games get bought and never played? Want to know how many hours per game people play on average? All those questions can be answered over here.

   Right now, I can tell you that about 37 percent of the roughly 781 million games registered to various Steam accounts haven’t even been loaded a single time. I can tell you that Steam users have put an aggregate of about 3.8 billion hours into Dota 2. I can tell you that Steam users tend to put nearly 600 percent more time into the multiplayer mode on Modern Warfare 2 than the single player mode.   Basically, I can give you an idea of how any of the thousands of games on Steam have performed, both in terms of sales and gameplay hours.

Click here to read this article!