Author Topic: A few upgrade thoughts.....  (Read 3850 times)


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A few upgrade thoughts.....
« on: June 11, 2004, 07:15:06 PM »
So here's what I think I might do to improve my rigs performance for the short term. I was originally wanting to upgrade my mobo and change to a AMD XP-M such as what Zeus has done, however the funds are not there as I have figured it will cost me approx. $300.00 incl tax to do both of these.

What do you guys think of me just upgrading my Mobo to the:

A7N8X-E Deluxe nForce2 MCP-T AGP8X ATA133/SATA150-RAID S462/400 Dual-DDR400 w/ Audio/Firewire/Dual-LAN for $138.00?

I figure due to the increased ability of this Mobo's BIOS I should be able to take my chip higher than with my present Mobo and have it run stable. My cooling system keeps me WELL within the safety region and I figure it can handle more.

Will this Mobo above still work with my IDE HD or do I have to find a new SATA HD? I have seen the AMD XP 2000+ OC'd to over 3.0Ghz (H2O cooled no doubt!!) I'd like to shoot for at least 2.0Ghz!!  :P
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Re: A few upgrade thoughts.....
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2004, 04:53:37 AM »
To get an XP2000+ to 3.0GHz, they will be phase-change cooling. . . or using some serious peltier action.  The board will work fine with your IDE HD.  You'll be able to plug in four IDE devices (just as you can now) and be able to add two SATA devices in the future.

It's not a bad choice for sure, but you won't be able to adjust high & low multipliers on your chip.  You'll have access to 12.5 and lower, or 13 and higher, but not both.  Using your 2000+, you'll be using the low multipliers.  Regardless, 12.5 * 166 = 2075MHz.  You won't even have to over clock your RAM!