Author Topic: Alienware 18 Laptop is a Beast  (Read 1265 times)

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Alienware 18 Laptop is a Beast
« on: October 13, 2014, 10:52:16 PM »
If you are in the market for a gaming laptop and want something that won't hold you back, the Alienware 18 is one beast that will rock your gaming socks off. This unit is powered by a Core i7-4940X processor that boosts to a crazy 4.4GHz and is backed by either Dual GTX 880M or Dual R9 M290X graphics. Combine that with 32GB of DDR3 and you've got a better machine that most people - and yours is portable. I wouldn't call this a laptop though as it will burn up your chance of having children.

   The Intel Core i7-4940MX, Intel's fastest current mobile processor, usually boasts a base/boost clock frequency of 3.1GHz/4.1GHz. This has been judged to be too slow by Alienware laptop systems designers who will ship Alienware 18 laptops with factory overclocked chips that reach speeds of up to 4.4GHz. Intel wrote via a 'Chip Shot' blog post that the overclocked chip will "enable some of the highest-performance laptop PCs on the market".Source: Hexus

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