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A+ Piece of Pi
« on: November 10, 2014, 10:02:56 PM »
One you think of micro computers, there may be a few that come to mind one is getting even more micro - that is the Raspberry Pi. They are adding a new A+ board into the equation which is smaller and offers some more hardware features. One feature too, is that they have swapped the SD card slot with a smaller micro SD slot and have added a 40 pin GPIO header.

   The Foundation boasts that its new board features an audio circuit with a dedicated low-noise power supply, while the A+ keeps the 256MB of RAM that its forebear possessed. The A+ is designed to serve as a more modest companion to the powerful B+ board, revealed in the summer. Brits can buy the A+ now for a little over £15 from retailer Farnell, while US shoppers can find it at MCM for $20.Source: CNET

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