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EDYN @ Pepcom
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:21:59 AM »
A product that looks really interesting and could be a big is the EDYN Garden System. This system can be used by not only those homeowners with small gardens but also by those owners who have properties that could be considered small farms. This system consists of three parts; a garden sensor, a water valve, and the app (currently only for iPhone). The sensor monitors real-time conditions such as moisture, light, humidity, and nutrition. The water valve turns on and waters the garden only when it is determined by the sensors that water is needed, and shuts off when it determines water is no longer needed.

   The app helps to play an even bigger role in the system as it provides information about upcoming weather forecasts, is able to access a database of over 5,000+ plants and gives tips and suggestions that are tailored to maximize a plant’s health. This system could really be a game changer for those that may not have the passion or the time to always be out in the garden. Heck it can  be a perfect system for those that have trouble remembering about their garden, especially when one’s schedule is really busy.

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