Author Topic: Interesting USB problem  (Read 3283 times)

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Interesting USB problem
« on: September 29, 2004, 08:00:32 PM »
I recently did a fresh format and reinstall of XP on my main machine.  Since then I try to put in my USB thumb drive and it says that the device has malfunctioned.   So I try the USB drive in another machine, it comes right up and all files and directories are there. 

So I do a sfc /scannow and it turns out that some dlls are either missing or corrupt.  I put in my xp cd and it fixes everything. 

About 2 weeks later I go to put in the USB drive again and same problem.  I am currently doing the sfc /scannow on my machine, and it will probably fix it.

Other than this my machine works wonders and doesn't show any other sign of problems whatsoever.  I'm kinda stumped on what could be causing this.  I'm guessing a reinstall probably would but that is alot of work since I just did it.

Any ideas out there?
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