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« on: January 14, 2016, 09:16:25 AM »
A company called Fixstars has just released their new 13TB SSD drive which blows the currently available 6TB SSD drives right out of the water. Obviously the price tag isn't going to be consumer friendly, as Fixstars is setting a MSRP of $13,000. This drive is going to be aimed at the enterprise market and will be available directly from Fixstars. Most of the major SSD makers are still at the 4-6TB capacity range but this just proves that it is possible and will probably light a fire under the big guys to increase their capacities. PCWorld has the full story.

   If you have around US$13,000 to spare, the world's first 13TB solid-state drive could be yours.   Fixstars on Wednesday announced the mammoth SSD-13000M, which will ship by the end of February. SSDs today have no more than 6TB of storage, and the 13TB drive more than doubles that capacity.   An official price hasn't been determined by Fixstars. But a rough estimated selling price is around $1 per gigabyte, or $13,000, said Shien Zhu, a spokesman for Fixstars.

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