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iPhone 8 Rumors
« on: July 11, 2017, 08:38:26 PM »
There are a lot of rumors ramping up regarding the iPhone 8. Some of the rumors get me a bit excited - such as the "mirror" finish that will look amazing only the day you bring it home. Think of it like the iPod Classic or older iPhones - they looked great day 1, but that was it. Still, it would look amazing and set it apart from the competition. Another thing that separates it is the price. It looks like it will start at $1200 USD and go up from there. That is not a good thing as the overall economy isn't in the best shape right now. Time will tell if there is any weight to these rumors.

   Gruber just did a similar post about iPhone pricing for the new iPhone expected this fall. His takeaway: "$1,500 as a starting price is probably way too high. But I think $1,200 is quite likely as the starting price, with the high-end model at $1,300 or $1,400." Gruber's logic is sound, and although he's known to be close with Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing senior vice president, he says he has no inside Apple information on the pricing.Source: MacRumors, BusinessInsider

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