Author Topic: Hell Froze Over - AMD + Intel = Win  (Read 1214 times)

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Hell Froze Over - AMD + Intel = Win
« on: November 07, 2017, 05:32:22 PM »
While it seems like the impossible has happened, the fact is that the rumors are true. AMD and Intel have teamed up to work on a processor. This processor is aimed at thin-and-light (think Ultrabooks) and has the ability to make these slender beasts true gaming systems. That's really what the notebook world has been waiting for for years. Intel integrated graphics are horrible and NVIDIA discreet GPUs are power hogs and pricey. AMD has been rocking the embedded graphics for years, but they've lacked when it comes to mobile processors. This is a win for Intel - they sell more chips; AMD - they sell more GPUs; and consumers as we get powerful, efficient, thin, light and very portable gaming PCs. So much win!

   Though both companies helped engineer the new chip, this is Intel’s project—Intel first approached AMD, both companies confirmed. AMD, for its part, is treating the Radeon core as a single, semi-custom design, in the same vein as the chips it supplies to consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X and Sony Playstation 4. Some specifics, though, remain undisclosed: Intel refers to it as a single product, though it seems possible that it could eventually be offered at a range of clock speeds.Source: PCWorld

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