Author Topic: NVIDIA Titan XP Star Wars Collector's Edtion  (Read 868 times)

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NVIDIA Titan XP Star Wars Collector's Edtion
« on: November 22, 2017, 06:32:21 AM »
With NVIDIA pulling out the stops on a specific "collector's edition" Star Wars themed graphics card, you'd think they must be having trouble selling cards. With Bitcoin prices as high as they are, no one can keep cards in stock and make them fast enough. Still, this card is clearly designed and marketed toward the discerning Star Wars fan. The Titan Xp looks like it came off a U-Wing and it looks and performs like a top-notch card. All you need is a little over $1,000 and it's yours.

   If you have other pastimes, like video editing or bitcoin mining, then you would be better off picking this card. For pure gaming, you can save some money getting the GTX 1080ti or even a vanilla 1080. If, however, you want to do some deep learning, then this card will really sing. But you're probably not going to be buying a Star Wars themed GPU for such applications, are you?Source: TheInquirer

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