Author Topic: How Far Has Apple Strayed  (Read 2986 times)

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How Far Has Apple Strayed
« on: December 19, 2017, 08:50:00 PM »
Back in Steve Jobs' day the slogan he coined was "It just works". That used to be the case, but it sure isn't anymore. It actually makes me a bit sad as the hardware and software combination of Apple was fantastic back in the day. With such a closed eco-system and massive profit margins, there is no reason they can't do that again - except they are lazy and are concerned about good quarter reports for their investors. A full rant by a guy much more informed is at the link below.

   I also recognise that Apple has changed almost beyond recognition since Steve was on stage at keynotes telling us how stuff "just works." Apple's products are far more complex, the company is selling stuff at a rate that it could have once only dreamt doing, and the security landscape is totally different, and vulnerabilities now put hundreds of millions of users at risk.Source: ZDNet

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