Author Topic: Office 365 Finally Available for Windows 10 S  (Read 4217 times)

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Office 365 Finally Available for Windows 10 S
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:58:38 PM »
Microsoft announed Windows 10 S back in May of 2017 and had been working on making sure that there was a Microsoft Office solution available. Well, they dropped the ball. Months went by and no Office 365 as an application for Windows 10 S, then it went into "preview". Finally, it is now official and you can download Windows Apps for Office on Windows 10 S. Do you need to add to your list of reasons why we think Windwos 10 S is stupid? Throw this one on there for sure.

   If you want to try out the Office 365 apps from the Store, you'll first need to uninstall your existing installation of the desktop apps. Then, you'll need to find the listings for your subscription. For some reason, the actual links to the Store listings take you to a website to subscribe, so you'll have to find your SKU of Office 365 by doing a search in the Store.Source: Neowin

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