Author Topic: Some Android Games are Recording Your TV Habits  (Read 4147 times)

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Some Android Games are Recording Your TV Habits
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:41:43 PM »
If you ever wondered why I always suggest you read application permissions when installing any app, this is yet ANOTHER reason why. Lately, some games have been usng the microphone on your phone to record what you are watching on TV. That's right, the microphone is activated and records ambient noise, identifying TV shows and then reporting that information to whatever entity has set it up. That's bad news for users and their personal privacy. Alway, always read app permissions and don't install it if it doesn't make sense.

   The Times says that it identified more than 250 games on the Google Play Store that include just one specific type of software for monitoring users’ TV habits. It’s from a company known as Alphonso, and the apps that include it - the ones that disclose it, at least - often don’t make what they’re doing particularly clear. Most apps seem to hide their disclosure in their description, beneath a “read more” button.Source: TheVerge

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