Author Topic: Windows 10 on ARM is Half-Baked  (Read 9334 times)

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Windows 10 on ARM is Half-Baked
« on: February 19, 2018, 08:12:00 PM »
Windows 10 for ARM was announced a while back and while it sounds great to have Windows on a device that can easily get all day battery life, there are some limitations - other than the slower processor performance. Microsoft has released the entire list and there are some areas of concern. While it's obvious that x64 applications aren't supported, things like the "Windows Experience, Anti-Cheat for games, OpenGL 1.1 or newer and more is an issue that will probably affect how your PC works and how you use it. While it'a a great idea, it seems like it's still not ready for prime-time.

   Apps that assume that all ARM-based devices are running a mobile version of Windows may not work correctly. Some apps that have been coded for Windows Phone won’t work correctly and could appear in the wrong orientation or have UI layout problems. This won’t be a huge amount of apps, though.Source: TheVerge

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