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Application: Ringtone Maker Pro Free


Turn up the volume and make some noise!! If you like your music and as they call it “pimping out your phone”, this app can certainly help you with that.  Ringtone Maker Pro Free takes your tunes from your phone and lets you edit them into a ring tone. Sometimes when you set your favorite song to be used as a ring tone, most of the time it will start at the beginning of the song. The only time a song would play in the middle or the chorus is if you buy/download it online. You can now simply pick the song you want to edit and drag the slider to how ever long or short you want it to be, and to anywhere in the song.

Ringtone Pro
Ringtone Maker Pro Free
Ringtone Pro List
Ringtone Maker Pro Free List

Even searching for a song to download from Ringtone Maker Pro Free App also works. You can record sounds, songs, voice, your cat, etc. which can also be a ring tone and easily saved and assigned to your contacts.  Recording sounds picked up some background noise, but it’s still awesome to have that flexibility. Check it out and download it here.

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