Silicon Power A66 Drives
Silicon Power A66 Drives

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Fenix PD36 TAC

OLight Open 2, Obulb and MR2
OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Alcatel 1B & 1X
Alcatel 1B & 1X Smartphones

SHURE from CES 2021 Pepcom

With the world in the current state of limbo and more and more events happening over video, there is really no better time to set yourself apart professionally by offering a great experience at your next ZOOM meeting or even for content creation. There are so many meetings that have horrible audio and this is where companies like SHURE step in and make it happen. They've got a new microphone - the MV5C - that looks retro, but offers great audio input and when you pair them with the anywhere AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones, it would likely make a fantastic set.




HP 2021 CES Product Showcase

While I do love my Carbon X1, HP makes some pretty solid products once you get into the Envy, Dragonfly and Elite series. See what they've been up to below.


Lenovo Product Showcase from CES 2021

I've long loved the Thinkpad line from Lenovo - before it was bought from Lenovo. I've had quite a few "Think" devices and my latest that I'm working on right now is the incredible X1 Carbon Gen 8. It's an incredible beast and mine came with a snappy Core i7 processor, 16GB of DDR4, 1TB PCIe SSD and the carbon-fiber cover with the 4K display. It's gorgeous. And powerful. Lenovo is trying to get me to covet already with a couple of their latest product announcements - the Carbon X1 Nano and the upcoming X1 Fold. I'm pretty happy with my current hardware, but if you're looking for the latest and greatest, check out the videos below and stay tuned for more.


Mad Catz CES 2021 and New(er) Product Announcements

Mad Catz has had an interesting history. From being one of the premiere gaming input companies, to letting the quality slip and becoming a department store brand, to refinding themselves where they are now and once again making great products for the massive gaming market. They have three new mice that may be worth taking a look at. Ambidextrous, Lightweight and Wireless. They have all angled covered.

B.A.T. 6+ Info.


As I do more and more mobile computing and less at a desktop, my money is on the RAT DWS Wireless.

Thermaltake CES 2021 Annoucements

Thermaltake has always had a very large product lineup and we've met with them every year we attended CES. This year they have a few new products that are elegant, well-thought-out and would look great in any professional or enthusiast space.




TCL 2021 CES Announcements

CES 2021 is Virtual this year and we are there! TCL has their full annoucement video posted. Enjoy!


Alcatel 1B & 1X Hands On - Entry Level That Works

There are a lot of high-end phones on the market these days and there are a bunch of companies that claim to offer "flagship killers". Those "killers" used to be quite affordable, but they've crept up in price to the point where they are expensive enough, that they really need to offer something special. Often they don't. They are merely "killers" based on the slightly discounted price and cheaper materials.

The often overlooked smartphone segment is the entry-level arena. While it may not be that exciting, these phones sell way more units and probably make the manufacturer more money than they do from the relatively small number of flagship devices they sell.

Today we are taking a quick look at the low-end of the entry-level market with these Alcatel devices. The 1B comes in at a mere $99 CAD price point at the time of publication and the more expensive 1X is a whopping $168 CAD. Converted to USD for many of you readers, that's $75 and $126 respectively.

Can they hold up, stack up and offer enough performance and features to even seriously consider? We'll show you what you're getting and share our thoughts so keep reading!

Alcatel 1B & 1X



TCL 10 Pro - Mainstream Flagship Has Arrived

If you’re looking for a great new smartphone but don’t have $1400 - $2000 CAD to spend, there aren’t a lot of options. There are a lot of options if you are willing to sacrifice a bunch of features, you can keep the cost down and end up with something adequate. If you want features and quality, you must be willing to spend $1,000 plus outright...or do you?

Enter the TCL 10 Series – namely the 10 Pro. This is a mainstream device with a lot of great features, solid performance and a price that is easy to swallow. We are going to find out and see how it stacks up and if this $665 (outright at Telus), has enough of everything you need and want to satisfy your cravings and if it’s worth leaving the big brands for.

TCL 10 Pro

Keep reading to find out more!


Silicon Power P34A80 1TB NVMe SSD

Today we are looking at the big brother to the P34A60 1TB drive we looked at earlier in March. The P34A80 1TB is a PCIe 3x4 M.2 2280 drive that is geared for high-end performance. This drive features support for NVMe 1.3, SLC Cache and DRAM Cache Buffer. What that means is that you’re going to get top notch performance out of this little beauty. Silicon Power claims that you can expect up to 3400MB/s read speed and write speeds of 3000 MB/s.

They have beefed up the performance on the 80-series NVMe drives and have done it without a lot of additional cost. If you have a PCIe 3.0 supported device with 4x PCIe lanes, you really should consider this unit from Silicon Power. Make sure to keep reading to see how well it performs and if their claimed speeds are anywhere close to what we are getting in the real world.



Fenix PD35 TAC LED Tactical Flashlight - Patriot Ed.

It’s no secret that Fenix makes great lights and they have recently commissioned one for the United States of America and we are looking at the "Patriot" version today. This is an updated PD35 TAC and it is a 1000 lumen light that features a rear tail-cap, side button for mode selection and a paint-job that would make any American Patriot proud. As with many of their other lights, it runs off either a single 18650 or a pair of cold-resistant CR123 batteries. If you're not American, this flavor and window-dressing may not suit you, but the PD35 TAC is the same light underneath. We'll take a look at the light in more detail, but paying particular attention to the actual light - and not the paint.

PD35TAC Patriot


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