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Silicon Power A66 Drives

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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

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Alcatel 1B & 1X Smartphones

Father's Day Gear and Gifts

With Father's day looming just days away, there is still time to get the man-of-the-house something awesome he'll remember and use. Let's face it, often we spend way more time pondering gift ideas for the ladies in our life - while the guys get left in the dust. This quick gear and gift guide may be leaning toward more of an outdoorsman, but there are some great ideas for everyone from the urban hero to the rural champion.

HydroBlu Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter - While you may not be the guy that spends time in the back-country or can live off the land, having clean, safe water wherever you go is something we often take for granted. HydroBlu has a entire series of products dedicated to filtering and purifying water to make it safe to drink. I do spend a bit of time in the amazing Canadian Rocky Mountains - as well as put in plenty of miles on a V-Twin Cruiser, and having clean water wherever I am is wonderful. You can attach an activated charcoal filter to further step up your drinking water game and with the standard 28-mm threaded ends, it screws onto many bottles and canteens to make filtering water a hands-free experience. Combined with the ability to put it in-line with your hydration pack, it really is a one-for-all water solution.



2021 Spring Gear Guide

If you're heading out and about this year, there are a few bits of gear and even some software apps that will make your life easier, more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. We'll cover a few of my picks this spring that will last you all year and beyond. The beautiful thing about my gear picks is that they offer great longevity and value for your hard-earned dollar.

Gear Guide


HyperX Product Showcase from CES 2021

HyperX has a couple of new product releases that look pretty sweet. Their Cloud II Wireless headset looks to be their flagship product that works on PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation platforms. It has a decent mic and 7.1 virtual surround sound. Also, their Alloy Origins 60 keyboard looks really nifty - usability TBD.

Ooma Showcases 4G Home Phone at Pepcom / CES 2021

I'm an Ooma user and have performed several multi-line business installs. It's a great, affordable product but unlike traditional hard-line phone systems, when the power goes out - so does your phone - until now. They now have a 4G access point, battery unit and more to ensure your phone works all the time. It will switch from hardline to 4G when needed. Unlike some other VOIP systems, Ooma supports location-specific 911 as well.


D-Link CES 2021 Pepcom Announcement

D-Link is a household name in networking and they have upgraded and revamped their 802.11ax network solutions. With all the extra work and entertainment done at home through internet connections, having a good signal in every area of your home is more important that ever. WiFi 6 is here and it's now seemlessly meshed compliments of D-Link.


SHURE from CES 2021 Pepcom

With the world in the current state of limbo and more and more events happening over video, there is really no better time to set yourself apart professionally by offering a great experience at your next ZOOM meeting or even for content creation. There are so many meetings that have horrible audio and this is where companies like SHURE step in and make it happen. They've got a new microphone - the MV5C - that looks retro, but offers great audio input and when you pair them with the anywhere AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones, it would likely make a fantastic set.




HP 2021 CES Product Showcase

While I do love my Carbon X1, HP makes some pretty solid products once you get into the Envy, Dragonfly and Elite series. See what they've been up to below.


Lenovo Product Showcase from CES 2021

I've long loved the Thinkpad line from Lenovo - before it was bought from Lenovo. I've had quite a few "Think" devices and my latest that I'm working on right now is the incredible X1 Carbon Gen 8. It's an incredible beast and mine came with a snappy Core i7 processor, 16GB of DDR4, 1TB PCIe SSD and the carbon-fiber cover with the 4K display. It's gorgeous. And powerful. Lenovo is trying to get me to covet already with a couple of their latest product announcements - the Carbon X1 Nano and the upcoming X1 Fold. I'm pretty happy with my current hardware, but if you're looking for the latest and greatest, check out the videos below and stay tuned for more.


Mad Catz CES 2021 and New(er) Product Announcements

Mad Catz has had an interesting history. From being one of the premiere gaming input companies, to letting the quality slip and becoming a department store brand, to refinding themselves where they are now and once again making great products for the massive gaming market. They have three new mice that may be worth taking a look at. Ambidextrous, Lightweight and Wireless. They have all angled covered.

B.A.T. 6+ Info.


As I do more and more mobile computing and less at a desktop, my money is on the RAT DWS Wireless.

Thermaltake CES 2021 Annoucements

Thermaltake has always had a very large product lineup and we've met with them every year we attended CES. This year they have a few new products that are elegant, well-thought-out and would look great in any professional or enthusiast space.




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