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GeForce GTX680 Launch

NVIDIA's Fermi architecture is not bad, but they are trying to step up to the plate with their Keplar architecture and even though there was no word of this at CES, they still managed to pull off something pretty decent.  Take a look at see what the GeForce 680 brings to the table.


No Angry Birds Space for WP7

The new Angry Birds Space launched this week on pretty much every platform except Windows Phone 7. This is a bit surprising seeing as Angry Birds remains one of the top selling apps in the Windows Phone App Store but it really can't be great news to other developers when the biggest mobile gaming title appears to have given up on the WP7 platform. Ipodnn has the full story.

A notable, and somewhat surprising, omission from yesterday’s global launch of Angry Birds Space across multiple platforms was a Windows Phone 7 version. In what may amount to a significant blow to the prestige and perceived value of the Windows Phone 7 platform, Angry Birds Space developer Rovio told Bloomberg that it has no plans at all for a WP7 version. This is despite its original version of Angry Birds remaining one of the top sellers on the WP7 Marketplace.

Is the new iPad heat issue a big deal?

Chances are good you've probably in the past week or so heard someone talking about the new iPad and how it runs hotter than the iPad 2. The screen appears to be the one being blamed for this increase in heat due to the higher DPI (dots per inch) which is giving out up to 2.5 time more heat. Electronista takes a look at this new "heat issue" and tries to figure out if its actually a big deal or just a big fuss about nothing.

DisplayMate Technologies Corporation president Ray Soneira has delved further into the technology behind the new iPad's Retina Display as well as its relationship to the battery and come up with a simple conclusion: the new iPad, operating normally, should run a bit warmer than the previous model. He calls the thermographic portraits circulating the web "overblown" and says the extra heat is the natural consequence of increased power.

Windows 8 Tablet News

There has been a ton of talk about Windows 8 and people are very curious to see how it performs on a tablet. NewTablets takes a look at who all is working on a tablet and who might be the first one to actually get it to market. Currently Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, Acer, ASUS, HTC, and Toshiba are all working on Windows 8 Tablets so it appears like everyone is banking on this to be huge.

Apple has garnered the lion’s share of Tablet News lately, but this fall it will likely be Microsoft’s turn.

With the company’s release of Windows 8 beta earlier this month, the race has officially begun for who’ll be first to come out with a Windows 8 Tablet. The release date for Windows 8 Tablets, of course, hinges on when Microsoft finally releases its new operating system to the public. But one can’t help wonder: “Who’s on first?” Or, maybe more accurately, who won’t be?

Next Generation NVIDIA "Kepler" GPU

Nvidia has announced their new Kepler GPU which will be part of the new GTX 680 video card they are releasing and from the specs its boasting it could be quite a winner. Nvidia is claiming this newest card in their lineup will not only offer more performance, but it will also be much more power efficient. PCMag has more details and all the numbers over here.

It's customary for Nvidia and AMD to take turns leapfrogging each other's frame-rate scores with cost-no-object graphics cards for hardcore gamers. Sure enough, Nvidia boasts that its new flagship graphics processing unit, the GeForce GTX 680, blazes through the latest titles faster than AMD's top-of-the-line Radeon HD 7970.

Google's new ads

Google has filed a new patent to serve ads "based on environmental conditions" which could basically mean that they want to listen in on you and then give you ads based on what they hear. While this may never happen is just goes to show you want advertising companies are working on to try and advertise more effectively to the general public. TheNextWeb has the full story.

Just when you think that we’re pretty tech savvy, companies like Google and Nokia file outlandish “forward-thinking” patents that make you feel like we’re all in a Star Trek episode. In the case of Google’s latest patent, it makes us feel like we’re in a police state.

The patent discusses the technology to analyze the background noise during your phone call and serve up ads for you based on the environmental conditions Google picks up on. Yeah, that’s creepy.

Angry Birds Space

Good news if you can't get enough Angry Birds, the newest release in the Angry Birds franchise has now been released for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Mac and PC. Chances are good your afternoon is now probably going to be pretty unproductive while you try to guide Angry Birds through space. Mashable has more on this new release as well as the promotional video.

Fans of the Angry Birds franchise, take notice: the disgruntled feathery creatures have conquered space, and they’re out to show those dastardly pigs a lesson.

The latest installment of this megapopular game, Angry Birds Space, is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, as well as the Mac and PC

Chrome becomes #1 Browser for 1 Day

Google's Chrome web browser became the number #1 web browser in the world last weekend and was used for 32.7% of all browsing on Sunday (Internet Explorer came in second with 32.5% of traffic). Unfortunately for Chrome come Monday it slipped to 2nd place again when people returned to work and Internet Explorer returned to 35% and Chrome dropped down to 30%. This might not seem like a big deal, however, if you go back to 2008 when Internet Explorer controlled 69% of all web browsing traffic the fact that anyone is close is a big accomplishment. The SFGate has all the details over here.

Google's Chrome Internet browser was the most popular browser in the world for the first time on Sunday, online metrics firm StatCounter announced Wednesday.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer vaulted back to its first-place rank on Monday when employees returned to work and booted up their IT-controlled machines.

Android App Pick - Photaf Panorama (Free)

We have just posted up our 24th App Pick of the Week and this have a photography app that will help you put together your snapshots of landscapes into something memorable.  Photaf Panorama is a great little app that allows you to either manually or automagically stitch together multiple photos for a great wide-screen panorama.  Check it out and snag it up!

Photaf Panorama

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

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