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TCL 10 Pro

Odds and Ends

As we wrap up this very late edition of news for this fine Monday, we've got a few odds and ends to share with you that don't really fit into any other particular category.  Take a look and check out some of these interesting products.

The 10 Lightest Laptops

When it comes to portable computing weight is usually one of the biggest factors in play when making a buying decision. PCMag takes a look at the 10 Lightest Laptops available today and shares their thoughts on them. 

Portability has always been an essential part of personal computing, with ultrabooks and tablets making personal computing ever more mobile. For anyone computing on the go, weight is a big part of the portability equation. Whether you're a student carrying your laptop around campus or a business user carrying it on your daily commute, a lighter laptop will make it easier for you to take your PC on the go.

Samsung sole supplier of new iPad screens

Talk about an awkward business arrangement, its has been revealed that Samsung will be the sole supplier of screens for the new iPad from Apple due to LG and Sharp not being able to meet Apple's quality requirements. This would be a great arrangement if it wasn't for the fact that Samsung is Apple's #1 competitor in the phone and tablet market and basically Samsung is bashing Apple with their commercials and the two companies have traded lawsuits back and forth for the past couple years. Bloomberg has more on this story.

Samsung Electronics Co. will supply the screen for Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s new iPad after LG Display Co. and Sharp Corp. didn’t meet the U.S. company’s quality requirements, an analyst with iSuppli said.

Samsung, the world’s top flat-panel maker, currently is the sole vendor of the display for the 9.7-inch, touch-screen device that goes on sale March 16, said Vinita Jakhanwal, a senior manager at iSuppli, a unit of Englewood, Colorado-based IHS Inc. Samsung’s shares surged to a record.

Is Google+ ruining Google?

The whole Google+ experiment has been an interesting one to watch over the past few months. After a good launch where people were actually saying nice things about the service in the past few months it seems like Google+ has been struggling hard to keep any sort of momentum going (which has made it a regular topic on our podcast, Weekly Tech Update). CNN today has an interview with a former Google employee who claims that Google+ is ruining Google and has basically divided the company into two camps. If you're a fan of social media this is an interesting read.

Angry rants about the demise of corporate culture aren't reserved only for ex-Goldman Sachs employees. Microsoft-turned-Google engineer James Whittaker -- now once again a Microsoft employee -- fired off a scathing blast Tuesday on a Microsoft blog about why he left Google.

"My last three months working for Google was a whirlwind of desperation," wrote Whittaker, who headed an engineering team for social network Google+. "The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus."

Jet Pack Guy vs. Race Car

It's crazy when Jetpacks have come far enough that a guy is willing to put one up against a race car.  Obviously the car still wins, but it looks pretty cool.  I can't wait to see Jason flying one of these to a live WTU.


4G iPad Data Usage

CNET has an interesting article showing how much data you could use if you start streaming video with the iPad LTE.  Until the network gets saturated, LTE is pretty quick and if you are streaming high-quality video on your new iPad, this could put the hurt on when it come to data caps.  At this point, your biggest AT&T package is $50 for 5GB, and Verizon can score you 10GB for $80.  It won't take long to stream HD on your favorite video streaming service before you are paying overages.

Your first order of business with Apple's third-generation iPad: fill up that stunning Retina Display with plenty of video. But hang on--if you're getting the 4G model, better watch that over-the-air video consumption. Lightning-fast as it is, over LTE, you'll be tempted to burn through your data plan in less time than you might think.

Big Storage Showdown

As we continue through the news today, we've got a few (lots) storage reviews to share.  Take a look below if you need some place to store your files.


Android vs. WP7

HardwareLook has the Galaxy Nexus on their bench and gives us the scoop on this ICS (Android 4.0) smartphone and seems to be quite impressed with the overall unit - although not it's size so much.  I guess they wouldn't like the Galaxy Note then at all.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a few special features which make controlling your smartphone and data usage so simple. Heading into the settings menu we see the following options. No task manager app is required to download with the Nexus as Samsung have build in the app manager into the phone under the Apps option.


It's not a fair comparison as we move from a high-end Samsung phone to a entry-level Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows Phone 7 at HardwareHeaven.  Still, this phone is a pretty affordable smartphone and offers a great - albeit basic, array of features and functions.

Recently Nokia have had somewhat of a makeover though and having received the Lumia 710 all the nostalgic memories of the good times I had with Nokia came flooding back. So I am slowing things down with Samsung Galaxy S2 and going with the Nokia Lumia 710 for a while, seeing how things work out... running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, who could resist?

Wednesday PSU Roundup

Antec VP350 PSU - HardwareSecrets --=-- Antec High Current Gamer M 620W - Vortez --=-- Antec EarthWatts 650W Platinum PSU - TweakTown --=-- Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W - TechPowerUp - TweakTown --=-- SilverStone Srider Gold Evolution 850W - TweakTown --=-- Thermaltake SMART 730W - TechPowerUp

Android App Pick - Zeus Lightning Shooter

We have just posted up our 23th App Pick of the Week and this we help you exercise your dominance as a god.  If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to be Zeus, check it out as there is a free version that is a lot of fun.  Shoot some lightning and show those mere mortals how awesome you are!


Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

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