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P34A80 1TB
Silicon Power P34A80 1TB NVMe

PD35TAC Patriot
Fenix PD35 TAC LED Patriot Ed.

TCL 10 Pro
TCL 10 Pro

Crytek Shows Their Warface

Crytek was put on the map with the release of the original Far Cry game which was followed up with Crysis, Far Cry 2 and Crysis 2.  Recently, they dropped their Warface Reveal Trailer on the internet and are showing off this upcoming Free-To-Play game.  It looks pretty awesome and I'm interested to see how the F2P element fits in with a game like this.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.


Techgage has posted up an introduction to FreeNAS - a software based Network Attached Storage solution that is based on Linux, but is fairly simple to setup and in the end, gives you a simple, affordable NAS box.  It looks like a great alternative that will help you put some of your older hardware to use.

There are few things more unnerving than losing sensitive data. Whether it was by negligence or hardware failure, the sting associated with such a loss can be great. We have done our part at Techgage to put each of our readers in the proper frame of mind when it comes to data redundancy. From external hard drives to NAS boxes, we have provided multiple reviews of devices specifically designed to back up your data.

VulcLAN Week!

It's VulcLAN week and we've got a TON of prizes from a lot of sponsors that are willing and ready to give you free stuff if you come play in some GoW3, NFS:Carbon, UT3, CoD4:MW, and CoD:MW3.  If you want to come check it out and have a chance to win some random prize draws, check out all of the information over here.  It's going to be a GREAT time!  I can't wait for Thursday!  Check out the latest newsletter and come on down!



1/3 of US Adults will have a tablet by 2016

A new study has come out this week predicting that by the year 2016 1/3 of US adults will have a tablet. Thats about an additional 112.5 million tablets that will be sold in the next 4 years which is a big amount of product. While iPad has been the dominate tablet in the US market the study also shows that devices from Amazon and B&N will also be making a big impact due o the content they offer. HotHardware has more on this new study over here.

According to Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps, the number of tablet owners in the U.S. will grow to new heights, reaching one-third (34.3%) of U.S. adults by 2016. This new report shows an increase from Forrester's previous estimates. Additionally, Forrester believes Europe isn't far behind the US in terms of tablet ownership. By 2016, Forrester expects 105.7 million users will own a tablet in Europe. This number represents 30.4 percent of consumers 16 and older in the European Union.

Chrome falls first at Pwn2Own

At this years P2n2Own hacking competition Google's Chrome browser was the first victim. Pwn2Own is a yearly hacking contest where hackers are invited to see who can hack different products and if you are the first one to hack that particular product you win it (or prize money in the case of web browsers). At last years contest no one was able to hack Google's Chrome browser (Safari was the first one to fall last year) but in this years edition, according to PCMag, Chrome was the first one to fall.

Though Google's Chrome was left unscathed at last year's CanSecWest's Pwn2Own hacking competition, this year it was the first one to fall.

ZDNet reported that the Google browser was taken down by a group of French hackers called Vupen – the same team that cracked Safari at last year's contest.



iPad: The Good and the Bad

Since this week has been pretty much dominated by the news of the new iPad there really isn't much other tech news. AppChronicles takes a look a the new iPad and points out the good and the bad things they like and don't like about the newest Apple release. 

Well, we’re finally here. After months and months of speculation, rumors, false reports, and countless prognostications, the new iPad (that’s actually the real name, it seems) has at long last been unveiled. As you would expect after such a build up, there were a lot of expectations for the new device, so let’s go through what some of our expectations were and see if they were met.

New iPad

Yes its true, the iPad 3 is here, but its not called the iPad 3, its just called "iPad". Apple has decided to ditch the numbers following the iPad name and is just referring to this as the new iPad (which might make things confusing down the road). The new iPad has some improvements that no doubt will get Apple fans to start lining up to get their hands on the news iPad model. Gizmodo has the full rundown on what is new in the new iPad.




The Lost Cell Phone Experiment

Pretty much every avid Smartphone users worst nightmare is losing their phone. So to see just how bad losing your phone really is Symantec did an experiment with phones they specially setup to see if they'd be returned and what the person who found the phone would do with them. Symantec setup a few folders marked "Private Banking", "HR Salary Info" and it wasn't too surprising that more often than not the person finding the "lost phone" opened those folders to see what what was inside. MSNBC has the full story which is worth a read and serves as a good reminder to make sure your information is secure especially on a device like your phone that can be easily lost.

What would you do if you found a smartphone on the subway or at a coffee shop? If you're like most Americans, you'd rummage through the phone looking for photos, emails and even private banking information. And the chances are only 50-50 that you would try to return the phone.

Computer security firm Symantec Corp. recently conducted an elaborate, first-of-its-kind study on lost smartphones and shared the results exclusively with TODAY and The company set a trap for human nature, then sat back and watched. The results were not pretty. 

Windows 8 Start Button is Back!

If you've been using the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview and have been missing the good old Start Button that you've grown accustomed to there is finally some good news. Stardock has released their "Start8" program that is available for free download which brings back the Start Button in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and makes everything right again (follow this link to get the free download).




New iPad vs. Everything Else

In case you didn't hear, there is a new iPad coming. The new iPad naturally is generating quite the buzz thanks to "the Apple factor" but just how does it stack up against the competition? Engadget takes a look at new tablets from ASUS, Samsung, and Toshiba and shows you what the difference between these tablets is.

You may be thinking, how does that new iPad stack up against the best slates we've seen? Well, you're about to find out. Truth be told, two of these behemoths -- the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- were just announced, but impressive spec sheets earned them a seat at the table. We'll cut out the jabbering and get right down to business. Follow us down past the break for a breakdown of features before you decide which tablet will soon be yours.

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