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Android beats iOS in smartphone loyalty

According to a new report, Android users are more loyal than their iOS counterparts. Both smartphones have a loyal following with Android having a 91% loyalty rate and iOS trailing with a still impressive 86%. TechCrunch has the story.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 may not quite live up to the iPhone X when it comes to Samsung’s implementation of a Face ID-style system or its odd take on AR emoji. But that’s not going to matter much to Samsung device owners — not only because the S9 is a good smartphone overall, but because Android  users just aren’t switching to iPhone anymore. In fact, Android users have higher loyalty than iOS users do, according to a new report today from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

Weekly Tech Update #427 - Dell Jumps on the Ryzen Bandwagon

We have just posted up Episode #427 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we will be discussing BlackBerry sues everyone, Dell jumps on the Ryzen mobile bandwagon and if you can't steal Bitcoins, steal the computers used to mine them. We have those stories and more...



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GPD Pocket Unboxing - A Tiny Windows 10 Laptop

The GPD Pocket is pretty nifty - in theory. It's a small little machine that is quite powerful and has a solid overall fit and finish. During the unboxing, they are impressed with the fit and feel of the keyboard, although it is a little cramped. When folded up, it's a small 7.17 x 4.29 x 0.78 inches. 


Source: Neowin

How to Block Spam Calls on your Mobile

Spam calls to mobile devices have been ramping us as these numbers change and many of them are not on the "do not call" list. There are ways to help prevent, block and get some relief from the onslaught. My particular carrier offers free anti-spam protection on their devices and it works great. If you don't have something like this available, you should check out the guide over here. It's good stuff that will save you time, energy and frustration.

Robocalls have become so infuriating that the Federal Trade Commission received over 375,000 complaints about them every month last year. The agency routinely says it’s doing its best to get a handle on the situation, and yes, there are occasionally significant crackdowns. But real-world feedback indicates that things are getting worse — not better — and it’s starting to feel a little out of control.

Source: TheVerge

Dell Releases Fresh Batch of AMD-Powered Laptops

My latest laptop is packing some Ryzen goodness, and it seems that Dell is on board with AMD processors as well. I've got to hand it to Dell, because they actually try some different things. They are one of the few companies that have Linux machines available to buy online and now they are packing a bunch of new Inspiron machines with AMD. They aren't high-end machines, but it's a start.

With the Ryzen 3 and 5 series chips inside (and more specifically, the 2200u and 2500u processors), depending on how much you pay, supported by up to 32GB of user-upgradeable RAM, Dell wants you to think these machines offer great bang for your buck.

Source: Neowin

600 Bitcoin Mining Machines Stolen

If you don't have the knowledge on how to steal Bitcoin virtually, you can always steal a huge bunch of hardware dedicated to mining said coins. That's what a group of people have pulled off in Iceland. They've stolen a total of 600 machines that include pretty sweet graphics cards and solid processors. The Icelandic police are sitting back and watching power meters. If they are plugged in, some landlords electricity bill is going through the roof. Also, there will be a warm spot visible from space.

The thefts, which occured between late December and early January, were reportedly captured on surveillance cameras by Advania, the server company hit by two of the three thefts. (The graphics cards, processors and so on were allegedly stolen from a home.) Advania had been offering its customers access to bitcoin-mining rigs, and it sounds like those were the type that were stolen. The Associated Press reports that the stolen computers are worth nearly $2 million.

Source: CNET

Weekly Tech Update #426 - iCloud is Rebranded Google Drive

We have just posted up Episode #426 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we will be discussing Apple confirms it uses Google's Cloud, 46% of cryptocurrency failed last year as well as smartphone news from Mobile World Congress. We have those stories and more...



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Coinbase sends info to the IRS

Coinbase is one of the larger cryptocurrency exchange sites and has been making news thanks to a legal battle with the IRS. The IRS is wanting information on people using their service and may not be paying tax on their cryptocurrency and Coinbase took the stance that it wasn't up to them to share that information. Long story short, the IRS has prevailed and Coinbase was forced to turn over tax information on 13,000 people who have been trading cryptocurrency all the way back to 2013. Even longer story even shorter, some people are going to be getting a tax bill for their "anonymous" cryptocurrency. ArsTechnica has the details.

After over a year of legal wrangling, Coinbase has now formally notified its customers that it will be complying with a court order and handing over the user data for about 13,000 of its customers to the Internal Revenue Service. The company, which is one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges, sent out an email to the affected users on Friday, February 23.

OnePlus' fix for HD Streaming

Good news: OnePlus has finally come up with a fix to their lack of HD streaming problem.

Bad news: You've got to ship it to them so they can do the update from an "authenticated" machine.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that OnePlus users aren't going to be super excited about this "fix". PCMag has the full story.

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has had a rough go of it lately. Minus the problems that are mostly the company's issues—a bout of stolen credit card information, potential backdoors that could allow hackers to access almost every OnePlus device, and privacy issues surrounding its smartphones' data collection capabilities—you're left with the smartphones themselves, which have their own pecularities.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be announced in a couple of days at the MWC show in Barcelona, and like any other smartphone release, it's not a very secret to keep as details leak out before it becomes official. As far as Android flagship phones go, the S9 will be one of the top dogs and while it might be a huge leap over the S8 it still looks to be very promising. Engadget has all the details ahead of their official February 29th announcement date.

Samsung is primed to unveil its latest flagship, the Galaxy S9. Fortunately for anyone desperate to hear what's coming on February 25th, there's been no shortage of leaks and renders before the big day. It's not good news for the secret-keepers at Samsung but gives us plenty of threads to pull at ahead of the big reveal in Barcelona. How will the Galaxy series fare against the latest trio of iPhones? Can it best the talking-poop emoji?

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