PureDigital Flip MinoHD Video Camera - Setup and Using the Flip MinoHD

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Setup & General Usage:

The setup process for the Flip MinoHD is very simple and will have to be done initially - and again if you decide to pick up a second language.  It basically involves setting the correct time and date as well as indicator sounds on button presses and a record light.  There is nothing else.  This makes it very easy for everyone to get started.  Flip video cameras are meant to be super simple and they nail it.  There are no manual exposure controls, white balance or night-vision modes.  Everything is automatic and while this meets the goals of simplicity it can be somewhat limiting in certain situations.

Screen & Buttons
Screen & Buttons
Language Option
Buttons Tones
Recording Light
Recording Light
Delete Options
Delete Confirmaton


I like several things about the Flip MinoHD.  Its size and weight very minimal and this it makes it easy to take just about anywhere.  Also, with the built-in USB connection, you don't need to take extra cables with you. The built-in software is very handy as you can easily setup and use this on your laptop or desktop computer without downloading software or bringing the CD.   As we saw on the previous page, the software is easy to understand and use - even for those that have no experience with digital video.  The video quality is very good in good lighting conditions and the battery life is excellent.  You can fill up the camera easily on a single charge.



Just as with the Flip Ultra we looked at last July, the MinoHD has a couple of shortcomings.  There is still no optical zoom on the MinoHD, but the higher resolution video looks better when zoomed that the original SD version.  Although there isn't any image stabilization listed, reviewing the video of my wife walking while holding this little unit shows that she's either a lot better than she was a year ago or there is some form of image stabilization at work.

It's been a year since my wife has uploading anything to Youtube for me, and she managed to do so easily with the FlipShare software.  It works very well and preserves decent video quality even though it is very compressed.  For instance, the clip below was 139MB before we uploaded it.  On Youtube it is now a mere 31.9MB.


The video shows low light performance, overcast results and even some footage over 500 feet below ground at the Lewis & Clark Caverns.  We included clips that show microphone performance as well.  Overall, it should give you a good sample of how the MinoHD performs in different situations.

Sample "Still" Images:

Hiking Image
Fire Image
Face Paint Image



Final Thoughts:

The Flip MinoHD is a nice little upgrade from the Flip Ultra.  The addition of 720p 30fps video recording is very nice as is the mini-HDMI output on this camera.  The MinoHD 8GB version may be a bit smaller than the Flip Ultra, but it comes with better video quality, nice capacitive touch controls, smoother zoom, and the simplicity that goes with all Flip Video cameras.  I personally like the built-in battery, but if you are going on a video shooting marathon, a dead battery will leave you bound to a USB-port to charge the device to get back up and recording.  This could be an issue for some people.



  • Super simple to use
  • Excellent video quality in good lighting conditions
  • Very good battery life
  • FlipShare software is very handy and simple



  • No optical zoom
  • Artifacts in low light


Overall, we rate the Flip MinoHD 8GB unit pretty well and it is a worthy choice for anyone wanting to throw a video camera in their bag for a hiking trip, or to the kid's soccer game.  For $239, it's not a bad value.




If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them at the Comments link below.  We'd also like to thank PureDigital for sending the Flip MinoHD our way for the review.