Samsung ML-2250 Laser Printer

Bjorn3D has some laser printing goodness from Samsung on the bench today.  The unit they actually have is the ML-2251N, which is a network printer rated at 22 pages per minute.  The unit they were supposed to receive was the ML-2250 - not network based, so they are not concentrating on the network capabilities.  Either way this is a decent priced printer that can handle a pretty hefty work load.

"Finding this printer for the price of under $200 on Pricegrabber is a very pleasant surprise. With toner costing $85.00 roughly for a cartridge and getting 5000 pages per cartridge, we are once again in the 1-2 cent per page price that I found on the ML-1740.  The good thing is that the ML-2250 comes with a complete 5000 page toner and not the 1000 page starter toner that the ML-1750 comes with."