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Samsung Galaxy S II in the US?

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S II is hitting stores in the United States on August 29th. This hasn't been confirmed officially yet but all the signs point to this being the case. The new version of the Galaxy S is going to feature a 4.5" screen, a bigger battery, LTE support (for faster downloads), and will be running Android's Gingerbread OS. Engadget has more on the "announcement" over here.

Well, we have few other details beyond what you see in that invite above, but you better believe we'll be in New York City on August 29th. We're definitely expecting Samsung to announce a Galaxy S II launch in the US, especially given Samsung Mobile President Shin Jong-kyun's promise of a release "sometime in August" -- along with that intriguing II graphic in the invite up top. We also have on good authority that the S II will be launching on several carriers at once, which likely explains why Samsung is putting on the show, rather than deferring to a single partner.