Android App Pick - Hungry Shark

Application: Hungry Shark Free!


Hello internet and touch screen users!  This week is our first week of a new BCCHardware feature called "Android App Pick of the Week".  As technology grows and advances so do people's needs and wants.  With that being said, there's been a lot of touch-screen items up for grabs.  Tablets, phones, music players, some monitors, game systems and more now have touch-screens.  I think almost every touch-screen I've seen has gaming apps available. Everyone wants to know what good apps are out there.  Here at BCCHardware, we talk about news, reviews, and podcast about technology and games and have now added "Android App Pick of the Week" because most gadget junkies want to know what great apps are out there, as there are so many!

This week we'll kick it off with a game App. As much as I'd like to, I'm not going to talk about Angry Birds.  This of course is one of the flagship touch-screen apps, but has been over-picked.  I do admit it was the first game I downloaded (go figure!).  When you are finished with Angry Birds and want something new and fresh try out, try  Hungry Shark!   Hungry Shark is a fun game for anybody.  You don't do a lot of touching the screen other than to increase your boost speed to go faster to catch the fish.  This game lets you tilt your phone to move around and relies heavily on the gyro-sensor.

Hungry Shark


Object of the game:

Once you download the game from the Android Market on your phone you can then start playing. The idea of Hungry Shark is to eat as many fish or people swimming in the water.  Simply tilt your phone and tap it in order to speed up the shark so he can catch the fish and humans for food!  You can't quite eat everything - such as puffer fish when they are puffed up, jellyfish, and the spiky bombs - and obviously fish bigger than you.  You'll soon find out what you can't eat as it will cause you to loose health.  The more your shark eats the bigger it should get!

Hungry Shark

There's nothing too complicated about this game.  There is some gore when the shark "om nom nom noms" food such as fish and people swimming around, but overall, it's nothing too nasty.  You can change the sensitivity on the tilt of the game by going into the options to adjust that if required.  There are adds that pop up with the free version, but if you want the full version it only cost $0.99.  This is a great game to play on your down time for sure!!

If you have any applications that you think should be considered for "App Pick of the Week", please post your comments and recommendations at the "Comments" link below.