Android App Pick - Flying Penguin

Application: Flying Penguin

Howdy app users and seekers!  We're glad to have you join and read in on app of the week.  This week's pick is a single player game called Flying Penguin.  I just started playing this game and found it quite addictive.  It's pretty simple to use, after downloading from your phone or from the Android Marketplace Website.

Flying Penguin

The game involves tapping the screen for the penguin to slide through the snow drifts or whatever level you're at before the polar bear eats you!!  There are some tips that show on screen that will tell you when to tap/touch the screen and when not to before you start the game.

Flying Penguin

If you're an Apple user, you'll be happy to know that this game is also cross platform as its found on the Apple market for iPhone, iPad as well.  It's definitely a great game for all ages.  Yes I know penguins don't fly, but in the App market anything seems possible and especially if you're sliding away from a hungry polar bear - you'll do what it takes!!  You can also upgrade your penguin to the super penguin to go higher and faster or unlock a cute penguinette.  If you prefer an add-free version, it is available for a mere $1.00.

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