Android App Pick - World of Goo

Edited by Eldon "BoneRak" Kieper 

Application: World of Goo


App pick of the week isn’t a Christmas one, even though Christmas is just around the corner.  Instead we have an app that can be a whole lot gooier and would make great virtual gift!  I present, the World of Goo!  You may have heard of it before, as it is on other platforms such as Nintendo’s WiiWare, Apple's App Store, Windows, Mac, and Linux and is now on the Android Market.  This cross platform game is about $20 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.   You can pick up the full version for a mere $4.99 on the Android Market.  There is a demo version but once you start playing and enjoy it, you may as well buy the game as it is loads of fun!


World of Goo

The World Of Goo is a fun filled puzzle adventure game that requires you to build up these goo balls to reach to a pipe that will suck them up and fill a container of goo.  Some goo balls can be re-used while others are single-use only. So you have to be strategic on where you place them as you build your goo tower or bridge or whatever the sign painter asks you to do.  Levels get increasingly difficult but you're allowed to backtrack or go back in time by popping a firebug to try and fix your mistake - if its fixable. 

One thing I found interesting is that when you play the demo and then decide to buy the full version, you don’t need to start from scratch. You're able to continue from the level you left off on the demo.  That is pretty awesome!  The graphics are pretty cool - especially for an Android App and it gives it a comic gooeyness.  Overall, this is a fun and addicting app that's worth checking out and getting gooey with!

Get the World of Goo app here.


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