Samsung 2012 Press Conference

It would be pretty safe to declare 2011 a banner year for Samsung. One of their biggest feats would be that their phone division set records and took over the #1 spot in the smartphone market. Samsung's TV division also retained their #1 spot as did their Refrigerator division. Basically everything Samsung touched in 2011 turned to gold and it will be very interesting to see if they can keep this momentum going into 2012.

Probably one of the biggest things that everyone was hoping to see was an announcement of a new Samsung smartphone. Unfortunately not much was really mentioned about their Galaxy phone lineup (or any of their smartphones) so I guess we are just going to have to keep waiting.

The other big area of interest at a show like CES is Samsung's TV lineup. This was probably the most exciting part of Samsung Press Conference which featured the introduction of a new 9000 series LCD TV as well as their new Super OLED TV.



Samsung's new Super OLED "Ultimate TV"


The Super OLED TV that Samsung was showing off (pictured above) was pretty impressive. This TV was sporting a very small bezel and the same Super OLED technology that is used in some of Samsung's Tablets and Phones. The picture quality was pretty evident even from the back of the ballroom where the press conference was held. The picture almost appeared to be "floating" when they were showing it off thanks to the super skinny stand that it uses which also houses all the cables inside so you don't have a bunch of ugly cables being an eyesore.

Also being featured was a new TV in the 9000 series. This TV was obviously a enhancement of the 9000 series of  TV's that they were showing off last year. Sporting a thinner bezel and a new stand in conjunction with the new "Smart TV" interface this new TV in the  9000 series is probably the TV you'd be buying if money wasn't an issue. The 9000 series will now go all the way up 75" while still remaining super thin.



Samsung TV's: Now with Dual-Core Processors


Another new addition to Samsung's TV is the inclusion of a dual-core processor to make things run nice and fast. This addition will allow you to run other applications on your TV for a total home entertainment experience. One of the major announcements was that Angry Birds will now be coming to the "Samsung App Store" and will be playable on your Samsung TV. 



 Samsung WB850F Camera


Another new product launched at CES is Samsung's lineup of SMART sharing cameras. In conjunction with other Samsung products you'll be able to easily share your pictures with your Samsung smartphones, tablets, or TV wirelessly (even if you don't have a wireless network available). This announcement might not have been the most exciting but its nice to see products that easily work together.


Samsung 9 Series Ultrabook


And last but not least we got to see Samsung's new 9 Series Notebook. This new "Ultrabook" is super thin and features a ton of fast features. Samsung is boasting a sub-10 second bootup (thanks to SSD technology) as well as sub-2 second "wake-up" if you want to bring it back from a standby state.

The 9 Series isn't a "New" series of notebooks but this new revision is a upgrade over the previous generation while now being even skinnier and smaller. At CES 2012 "Ultrabook" is a huge buzzword and it seems like so far Samsung might have one of the more intriguing offerings so far.

That pretty much raps up the Samsung 2012 Press Conference. While we didn't get to see any new groundbreaking offerings from Samsung this year we did get to see quite a few product that continue to be refined. If you'd like to see more pictures from our "2012 CES Press Day Coverage" follow this link over to our gallery of photos.