Archos @ CES 2012

We had a chance to stop by Archos and check out some of their new tablets. Archos is showing off a couple of  their  new 101 G9 tablet and their 7ob Internet Tablet this year at CES.  These tablets feature a 7 Inch (7ob Internet Tablet) and a 10 Inch screen on the 101 G9 model. Both of these tablets are sporting Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and Archos has worked with the folks at Google to be "Google Certified". By gaining Google certification these tablets will gain full access to the Android Market as well as the ability to use all of Google's suite of products.



Archos 7ob Internet Tablet


The biggest selling feature of the 7ob Inch Internet Tablet is the MSRP which is going to be set at $199 which is going to make it a direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet price-wise but is going to be sporting a few more options.



Archos 101 G9 and Archos 7ob Tablets


The 101 G9 is the bigger model which is sporting a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU. This tablet will of course be sporting Android Ice Cream Sandwich on a 10 Inch 1280x800 screen. The 101 G9 will be hitting the market with a MSRP starting at $369 (there is a 8 GB and 16 GB flash version and a 250 GB HDD version available).