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Application: Ultrachron Lite

On your mark... get set... go!  The race is on for your pie to bake or to time how long it’s going to take me to get to the finish line!  The finish line could take a while.  If you're ever needing a timer or stopwatch for baking, timing a race, waiting for Zeus' computer to start up, or even for some board games - Ultrachron may be the timer for you.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a good timer or stop watch that makes sense and is easy to read.  I don’t normally use one in my everyday, but one day at work I was needed a stopwatch.  That’s when I found a free stopwatch/timer app.  Ultrachron Lite is a pretty good stop watch and timer in one and is clearly not your standard timer.

Ultrachron Lite
Ultrachron Lite
Ultrachron Lite
Ultrachron Lite

This is a pretty easy app to use as there is nothing too complicated.  This free version has a lot of features, but of course there’s a paid version of it which allows you to change the alarm tone for the timer.  You can change the count down time to what ever you want to be counting down.  You can set the timer with your voice or type it in.  It will also tell you if you go "overtime" as well.  You can set it to give updates of remaining time through a notification message or an audible voice.


When using the stop watch you can enter a description of what you're timing and keeping track of what.  Not only is it touch screen, but you can also stop and start and get the lap time by pressing the volume buttons on the side of your phone. Ultrachron Lite saves your results in the history so you can check back later.  The free version saves up to 8 descriptions. It's pretty cool that you are able to email the results to a person of your choice.

Check it out the app here!

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