Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3in Smartphone - Camera - Still and Video

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Camera Testing:

The camera on the Note is actually very good and I love the fact that you can specify so many manual controls in the camera.  I belong to a camera club and I'd rather set any camera I'm using to my preferences, so it was refreshing to see that you can adjust shooting mode, scene mode, exposure value, focus mode, white balance, ISO and metering in a cell phone camera.  Most cameras have a few of these options, but I was grateful that Samsung opted to include great controls on the Galaxy Note.


Camera Sample - Food
Camera Sample - Food
Camera Sample - Geometry
Camera Sample - Geometry


The Galaxy Note has an intuitive built-in Panorama function.

One rather interesting thing with the Galaxy Note is the amount of photo editing and cropping that can be done in the phone.  The overall edit section allows you to make selections, add selections and even create some masks that you can apply effects to.  There are a lot of functions that many other bare-bone Android devices don't have an require the installation of specific photography apps in order to get similar functionality. 

Photo Editor
Photo Editor
Edited Food


As far as video adjustments go, you can choose resolutions up to 1920x1080 all the way down to 320x240.  Video settings also include White Balance, Effects, Timer, Quality and Guidelines.  This is enough to enable you to shoot some very good outdoor video and is the reason why Flip Video went out of business.

The first video is pretty easy on the eyes and stomach, but the second may not be suitable for all viewers.

1080p Test


My Sister - Pulling a calf - 720p

On the next page, we'll wrap up with a few downsides to the Note and post our final thoughts.