BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Case - Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts:
I found the BitFenix Raider to a great mid-sized chassis.  The SoftTouch finish was something I didn't expect, but like very much.  The Raider is built from quality materials and doesn't feel cheap.  Even though it has some plastic parts, it fits well together and doesn't rattle.  It is a very attractive case that is all chopped up like some others cases I have seen.
It has a full painted interior and all edges inside are nice-n-smooth!  There are no worries about leaving part of yourself on or in your build.
The BitFenix Raider has a lot of options when it comes to customizing your build.  The removable HDD cage is great if you are running a large GPU.  The tool-less optical drive mounting system is very simple to use and feels very secure.  The large cut-out for installing a CPU heatsink is a must and BitFenix once again delivers.  The built-in fan controller is simple to use and is a nice feature to have when overclocking your rig!

The Bitfenix Raider has a lot of features.  The built in fan controller is nice, but only works with 3-pin fans.  The four USB 3.0 ports are easily accessed.  The tool-less optical drive mounting system is simple and easy to use.  The Raider comes with three 120mm fans installed - one exhaust and two intake fans - giving the case positive pressure.  I would install another exhaust in top to even air-flow out, but it does fine without it.  The rear aperture openings are handy if you are into external liquid cooling.
Installing all my components into the Raider was a breeze!  The only thing that was "fun" was separating all the screws.  All the control panel wires were long enough to reach anywhere on my motherboard.  The USB 3.0 cables also have a USB 2.0 adapter made for them and are long enough to reach anywhere your board pins are.  I have seen a few cases where the wiring from front panel wasn't long enough to reach certain motherboards - what a bummer!  The tool-less HDD mounting system and removable HDD cages are great.  I do like the fact that the PCIe slot blanks are reusable as we've seen some more expensive cases with some blanks that are not reusable.
The BitFenix Raider doesn't have a lot of accessories.  It comes with everything you need though.  It comes with plenty of screws to mount everything you may desire and even includes the almost-useless motherboard speaker.  This used to be mandatory and helped people troubleshoot their system using "beep codes".
The BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Chassis can be found for about $80 and this puts it right in line with other mid-tower chassis. It has features that are very comparable to other mid-tower chassis.
Overall, The BitFenix Raider is a great choice if you are in the market for a rock solid mid-tower chassis.  It has a lot of features for the money.  It looks great and would be at home in anywhere you want to stash it.  The SoftTouch finish is very surprising and beautiful.  It comes with three 120mm fans installed - which seem to be pretty good but would need to be replaced if you need some serious airflow inside the box.  The included case fans are very quiet even at full speed and this is a bonus.  My CPU heatsink can still be heard over all the case fans.
The tool-less mounting system for HDD and Optical drives is simple and secure.  The large cut-out is great for installing an aftermarket heatsink.  The removable filters on power supply and bottom case fan is a must, but it desperately needs a removable filter on the front intake.  At the end of the day the Raider is a great case.  It has some flaws, but they are very minor.  If you are looking for a great case that is easy to work with and doesn't break the bank, the BitFenix Raider would definitely be a good choice.  That is why I am giving it "The Gold Wrench Award".
I would like to thank the people at BitFenix for sending BCCHardware the Raider Mid-Tower chassis for review. If you have any questions, comments or just general feedback, please feel free to post them in the "Comments" link below.