NZXT FZ-140 and FZ-120 Case Fans - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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NZXT FZ-140 and FZ-120 Case Fans
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


NZXT FZ-140 and FZ-120 Case Fans Final Thoughts:

We've had the chance to take a look at a pretty wide array of aftermarket case fans over the years at BCCHardware so when NZXT offered us the opportunity to review their new FZ-140 and FZ-120 fans I was very interested to see how they would compare to the others I'd taken a look at over the years.

The cost of these fans is really what sets them apart from the other fans we tested them against. The 120mm Non-LED version has a MSRP of $12.99 compared to the MSRP of $19.99 that the others we tested had. Basically you could buy 3 of the NZXT FZ-120's for almost the same price of 2 fans from the competition. One reason for them being less expensive than the others could be the fact that they do not offer any type of fan control built-in (PWM or other manual method). If you are planning on hooking these fans up to a fan controller they will do the job nicely.

The biggest drawback I could find with the FZ-140 and FZ-120 fans would be their power usage. The NZXT FZ-140 and FZ-120 both consume slightly less power than generic fans did, however, when compared to other aftermarket fans they consumed up to 3x more power. If you plan on using these fans 24/7 and plan to use 3 or 4 of them inside you case it might be worth calculating your power usage (like we did in the testing section of this review).


As far as build quality goes, both the FZ-140 and FZ-120 from NZXT are very sturdy and I really don't have any concerns in the build quality goes. These fans all carry a 2 year warranty and are rated to last up to 40,000 hours (or 1670 days).

At the end of the day we were very happy overall with both the NZXT FZ-140 and FZ-120 case fans. If you are looking to upgrade your case's cooling or want some high quality replacements you can't go wrong with the FZ-140 or FZ-120 fans from NZXT. We really like the fact that you can get either of these models in standard Non-LED or if you want to add some color to your case you can get a bunch of different LED-colored options. Both the FZ-140 and FZ-120 case fans scored very well in our testing and have easily earned our "Editor's Choice - Silver" award.




  • High Quality
  • Lower MSRP than the competition
  • Offers multiple LED Colors (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, and White)



  • Higher Power Consumption than the competition




I'd like to thank NZXT for sending us their FZ-120 and FZ-140 fans. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.