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Product: Edifier Sound To Go USB Micro Speaker System
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It's been a long time since we reviewed anything from Edifier.  In fact, the last product we reviewed from them dates back to 2008 and was the M1550 5.1 Speakers.  Today we are taking a look at a product that is a little more portable - and offers pretty good looks and decent sound.

The Sound to Go all-in-one USB micro speaker system is built to travel and offers both USB and auxiliary input s.  It is housed in a nice aluminum case and looks pretty awesome.  Because of the metal used in the construction of the MP250 it feels very hefty for it's size.

Box Front
Box Front
Box Back
Box Back


The Sound To Go is part of the Edifier "Image" line that offers some pretty interesting designs while still offering good performance.  It will be interesting to see how this unit holds up with all five drivers built into such a small unit.  Keep on reading and we'll find out how good this little speaker bar actually is.


About Edifier:

You can find out more about Edifier over here.  For those of you that just want the low-down, take a look below.

The mission for Edifier originates from the unrelenting pursuit of high quality sound. It is the goal of Edifier to provide the highest level of quality, not just limited to sound, but to be present in every aspect and level of doing business. Edifier aims to become an internationally recognized leader, in providing premium audio solutions to suite any environment. Edifier will remain true the foundations that have evolved the company, fostered its growth and molded its colleagues, by continuing to ensure that all involved with Edifier have the ability to express and exhibit creativity, demonstrate and pursue growth personally and professionally, continue to shape and share the Edifier passion, and remain consistently and heavily involved with the successful future of the Edifier brand.

The philosophy of Edifier International revolves around an unrelenting pursuit of high quality audio, no matter the application. From a dream to an artist's sketch, to the form of a product complete with soul, substance with uncompromised design elegance. Edifier International has a passion for audio excellence that is without question focused on just one ideal, to provide the end user with the very best audio experience possible, with unquestionable design and elegance.


First Impressions:

We're not unfamiliar with Edifier, and in fact, they had some of the most unique speakers we saw at CES 2012 again this year.  One thing we noticed with these guys is their commitment to quality - both in build and performance.  While Edifier products may not be the loudest, or the most expensive - they are great quality and have good value - usually.  The bundle they include with the MP250 is pretty inclusive.  They include a soft bag to carry the speaker in as well as a 3' audio cable, a USB cable for power and USB audio from supported devices.  Also included in the bundle is a bit of a user manual.



As always, Edifier is proud of their products.  They display their logo prominently on their products and are not ashamed of what they make.  I've reviewed some products in the past that don't contain a logo at all.  It's like they are ashamed.  Edifier is not.



On the next page we'll cover some of the features of the Sound To Go and take a look at the specifications of this unit.